We were going to sign a contract: Ukrainian football players were summoned to the TTK

Roman Solodarenko, the owner of the Kudrovka club, noted that due to the busy schedule and constant training camps, the players have to travel around the Ukrainian regions, and in this process, the players may be sent a summons to the military registration and enlistment office.

Roman Solodarenko, owner of the Chernigov football team “Kudrovka”, told how the newcomers were mobilized. On their way to sign the contract, they were called to TCC and SP. He said this in an interview with Tribuna.com.

“I had two players who went to sign contracts and I received a summons,” he said.

Solodarenko also noted that currently football players place great hopes on club presidents to protect them from mobilization.

“But we still don’t understand this and we don’t know how to do it. If, for example, 2-3 main players are taken during the championship, then how can the team play,” wonders Solodarenko.

At the time of publication of the material, the press service of the TCC of the Chernigov Region did not comment on information about the delivery of subpoenas to FC Kudrovka football players.

Let’s remember, in December 2023, the media reported that the mobilization in Kiev had reached local football players. The players of Obolon football club, whose team competes in the Ukrainian Premier League, received a call from TCC.

Later, FC Obolon responded to the spread of information on the Internet that subpoenas had been sent to 25 members of the club, saying that the widespread statements were not true.

Also, Ukrainian football player of the Dnepr-1 club Alexander Filippov talked about life in his hometown of Avdeevka, where his whole family lived until recently.

Source: Focus


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