Putin promised to talk with Miller about the creation of a Russian FIFA game

Photo: © footballsierraleone.net

Former captain of the Russian national football team Andrei Arshavin approached President Vladimir Putin at the Future Games with a proposal to create a Russian analogue of the popular FIFA game. The head of state listened to the athlete and promised to help implement the idea.

“I think it’s true that our football simulator will appear, in which our guys will be able to play for their national team, Russian Premier League teams, and regional teams, since foreign analogues do not have this opportunity.”said Arshavin.

According to him, now many young people live in the virtual world. A domestic analogue of the popular football simulator can help maintain interest in this sport, he is convinced.

Putin asked how he could help. In response, Arshavin asked to help Gazprom make its own simulator.

“You will need to talk to Alexey Borisovich (Miller. – Approx. ) Good good”, – the president said smiling.

Source: Ren


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