Ukraine’s chances at Euro 2024: animal prophets make predictions

The Ukraine national football team will definitely leave the group in the Euro 2024 championship and will draw with the Slovakia national team on June 21. In any case, famous animal prophets are sure of this. Focus It tells what other guesses four-legged people make.

An Australian shepherd from Germany named Chip predicts the outcome of football matches. Owners assure that the dog rarely makes mistakes. And football fans have already managed to personally verify the accuracy of their predictions.

Chip has many predicted victories. Thus, he predicted the victory of the German national teams in the match against Scotland, Spain in the match against Croatia, Italy in the match with Albania and a draw in the match between Slovenia and Denmark. So far, the good boy has been wrong when he predicted that Hungary would win the match against Switzerland, and that Poland would win the match against the Netherlands, Ukraine and Romania. However, this did not hinder the dog’s popularity. He has 16 thousand followers on TikTok and each video gets predicted hundreds of thousands of likes.

Chip had claimed the other day that the teams would draw in the Ukraine-Slovakia match to be played on June 21.

Who else predicts the outcome of the matches?

Name: Steph Farry

Who is it: Welsh Corgi dog

From: USA

How she predicts: Steph is a “professional” sports forecaster. The owners themselves characterize it this way. The dog has 1.5 million followers on TikTok and 222 thousand followers on Instagram. He predicts the outcome of the matches by placing the ball in the baskets with the names of the participating countries. It was he who predicted that the Ukrainian team would leave the group in the championship.

Social networks: Instagram; tiktok

Name: Oscar

Who is he: a short-tailed dog

From: Bocholt, Germany

How he predicts: The dog’s owners claim he correctly predicted all Euro 2021 matches.

“To be honest, we didn’t pay much attention to it at first. It was just people messaging us on Instagram and asking, ‘What’s the Oscar pick tonight?’ When they asked, when I looked at the rankings, I saw this.’ Not wrong.” The dog’s owner confessed.

More than 26 thousand followers follow Oscar’s predictions on Instagram. Note that the dog predicted the victory of the German national team in the match against Scotland.

Social networks: Instagram

Name: Abby

Who is it: Brush-eared pig

From: Lives in Frankfurt am Main Zoo.

As predicted: He hits the ball with his face into the goal with the flag of one of the teams. First, the bait is poured into the ball.

Abby correctly predicted the victory of the German national team in the matches against Greece, Hungary and Scotland. The zoo says that for every goal the German team scored in the tournament, it donated 100 euros to protect the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Abby’s relatives live.

Social networks: Instagram

Name: Hennes

Who is it: German spotted goat

From: Cologne, Germany

As predicted: since 2019 he has been working as the prophet of the local football club. The goat is given three balls of food; Two of them have the names of the countries and one of them has the Euro 2024 logo, which means “draw”. Everyone then waits for Hennes to make his choice by hitting one of the balls.

The zoo asked Hennes to predict the outcome of the Scotland-Switzerland match by hitting one of three yellow balls. At first the Goat hesitated with his choice and even argued a little with the coach, but in the end he bet the ball for Scotland. It turned out that Hennes was wrong and the teams drew.

Social networks: Instagram

Name: Walter

Who is he: orangutan

From: Dortmund Zoo

As he predicted: 35-year-old Walter is no stranger to predictions, as zoo employees assure. He has already acted as a prophet in various tournaments. Walter predicts the victory of one of the teams by choosing between two bags of scarves in the team colors.

At the beginning of Euro 2024, Walter bet on the German national team to win the match against Hungary, and he was right. Walter also predicted Germany’s victory by choosing between two buckets containing scarves from the German and Scottish national teams.

“Walter stood in front of the buckets and looked at both of them and he was very clearly walking towards the German bucket, so I think the German team should have won against Scotland. But then he walked towards the Scottish bucket, so maybe the Zoo representatives Marcel Stavinoga told reporters , said the Scots would be very close to victory.

Social networks: Instagram

Let us also remind you that the Ukrainian national team will play its second match in the European Championship to be held in Germany on June 21. The opponent of the Ukrainian team will be the Slovaks. The fight will take place in Düsseldorf. It starts at 16:00.

Focus He also wrote that Spain won Group B in the match against Italy.

Source: Focus


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