Euro 2024. Slovakia Ukraine: Nikolay Shaparenko – best player of the match (photo)

According to national team coach Sergei Rebrov, such an element as the desire to win was added to the team in the second half. And goalkeeper Anatoly Trubin saved the team several times.

Nikolai Shaparenko was chosen as the best player of the Slovakia-Ukraine match by UEFA. A photo with the trophy, which made a “tremendous contribution” to the game, was posted on social network X.

National team coach Sergei Rebrov selected the players for the match against Slovakia based on the result of the previous defeat against Romania.

There were four changes in the squad: Alexander Tymchik instead of Efim Konoplya, Vladimir Brazhko instead of Taras Stepanenko, Andrey Yarmolenko instead of Viktor Tsygankov.

Perhaps the real change was the replacement of Real Madrid goalkeeper Andrei Lunin with Benfica’s Anatoly Trubin.

Nikolay Shapareno was chosen as the best player of the match by UEFA. Ukraine’s general manager Sergei Rebrov also said this at the post-match press conference.

The coach also stated that he added a component such as the team’s desire to win in the second half. Some adjustments were made.

Rebrov also noted that goalkeeper Anatoly Trubin saved the team several times in the match against Slovakia.

Let’s remember that animal prophets made predictions about the future of the Ukrainian national team at Euro 2024.

It was also reported that Ukraine beat Slovakia in their second match of the Euros. As is the tradition of Rebrov’s team, the goals were scored in the second half in a volitional manner.

Source: Focus


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