Transport bonus 2022, more than half a million requests in the week of September 09, 2022 36

Was real boom in applications for a transport bonus. This is a promotion created to facilitate the purchase of an annual or monthly pass for public transport. A facility designed both to provide more sustainable mobility and to assist workers and students.

Bonus that was available for starting from September 1. Apparently, there was a real boom in requests. In fact, exactly one week after launch (yesterday), 515,000 vouchers issued. On the first day alone, 150,000 vouchers were issued.

We remind you that the economic resources of the fund allocated for the transport bonus amount to a total of 180 million euros. Duque, as the Ministry of Labor points out, the bonus can still be claimed. The incentive can be applied for until the end of 2022, provided the funds available do not run out sooner.


Let’s briefly recap how people can apply for this promotion. Firstly, it is only available to individuals who have earned total income no more than 35 thousand euros in 2021. It can also be requested for a dependent minor.

The government has provided a dedicated online platform to claim the bonus, which can be accessed with a SPID or Electronic Identity Card (CIE). Interested parties then have to fill out a form in which they need to enter some data, such as a tax code, and select a public transport service from those available.

However, the bonus does not apply to First Class, Executive Class, Business Class, Executive Club, Lounge, Premium Class, Work Area and Business Lounge. The voucher will be personalized and can be used to purchase a one-time annual or monthly subscription during the current month. After this period, the unused voucher is automatically and permanently cancelled. Transport bonus amount cannot exceed 60 euros. Payments follow the order in which questions are received.

Author: Filippo Vendrame



Source: HD Motori


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