Twitter is developing a feature that will automatically convert long texts into a thread

Twitter is working on a feature that allows automatically create topics from long texts.

The idea was born from the interest of a platform owned by Elon Musk in promoting this type of content. This is because they intend to turn the platform into a space where more stories can be told without hindering that maximum number of characters.

Jane Manchun Wong, an analyst and leak expert at Twitter, commented that thanks to a new feature that is yet to be named, users will be able to create threads more efficiently.

As he explained, users will be able to write continuously or, paste the text directly and at that point Twitter will take care of segmenting it once the 280 character limit is exceeded..

This is different from the current model where users must create their own flows manually. This can be extremely cumbersome and complex, especially for those users who are not used to using the platform.

Another advantage of the new feature is that will eliminate the need for third party apps like Typefully, ThreadStart and Chirr App to make it easier to organize your themes..

This comes in the context where Elon Musk himself indicated that they are evaluating the possibility of allowing users to create longer tweets.

upcoming features

The last few weeks have been loaded with announcements on Twitter. Among them stands out the opportunity to make a leap into private messages to include end-to-end encryptionjust like it does in apps like Telegram and WhatsApp.

So Twitter can provide a higher level of security for its users, which is extremely important at this time when privacy is the protagonist in the technology sector.

However, the difficult situation with layoffs and layoffs registered on the platform makes it difficult to predict when all these features might appear on the social network.

Author: Julian Castillo
Source: La Opinion


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