What Daddy Yankee and Grisi would look like when they were old: AI app anticipates it

Social media users were tasked with using Faceapp, an artificial intelligence tool, to see what some of your favorite artists will look like when they get older. Among the photos used by users, Daddy Yankee and Grisi, two of the most famous performers of urban music..

In the images, you can also see other popular artists such as Natti Natasha, Becky G, Maluma, all of them with pronounced wrinkles and gray hair.

Here we show you how some of the most famous Latin American singers of the moment will look like in old age:

1. Daddy Yankee

yankee dadyankee dad
Daddy Yankee | Photo: Getty Images


Greek | Photo: Getty Images

3. Maluma

Maluma | Photo: Getty Images

4. Becky G.

Becky GBecky GBecky G
Becky Gee | Photo: Getty Images

5. Anuel A.A.

Anuel AaAnuel AaAnuel Aa
Anuel AA | Photo: Getty Images

face app

You must remember that Faceapp is an app that became very popular between 2017 and 2019 due to the fact that it allowed users to experiment with their photos. see how they look over time. However, he was heavily criticized at the time for the way he used the information.

The application was supposed to use the photos of its users for commercial purposes. since it was said that they stored the information on private servers that were not subject to any verification.

The use of this application that uses artificial intelligence comes at a time when this technology has gained great power thanks to platforms that allow it to be used to create unique texts or images.

Same way, companies like Meta are also using artificial intelligencein this case, as part of developing your own translator which they claim will be one of the most accurate on the market.

Others use artificial intelligence to filter their users’ posts and posts.. This gives them the ability to count on greater accuracy, especially when detecting photos or videos containing nudity.

It is because of this versatility that Sundar Pichai, The CEO of Google said that the development artificial intelligence will mean a deeper change than fire, electricity or the internet.

He argued that this was because, if successful, it would mean replicating human intelligence as applied to machines, which scientists have gradually achieved.

Author: Julian Castillo
Source: La Opinion


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