Samsung: a new refrigerator that allows you to watch TikTok and order food from home

Samsung has announced that it will be unveiling its new Refrigerator Family Hub Plus at the Consumer Electronic Show 2023 (CES).. This is a smart refrigerator Integrates a 21.5 inch vertical screen which is compatible with services such as Google Photos and from which you can shop through Amazon.

“Amazon Your Essentials service has been added in the US, which allows you to easily check frequently purchased products by setting them up in a home screen widget and ordering them with a single click,” they cite Samsung.

Among the most outstanding characteristics of this product is the fact that includes the free Samsung TV Plus service, through which users can watch 190 TV channels for free..

However, this refrigerator differs from its competitors in that Since it has a vertical screen, it is perfect for watching content through well as other platforms that use videos in this format, such as Youtube Shorts.

Exposition of the refrigerator Bespoke Family Hub Plus also supports picture-in-picture (PIP) technology.therefore, users can continue to use the screen while watching video through the reduced window.

“Not only can you monitor and control multiple devices connected to SmartThings at a glance with a large widget, but you can also use SmartThings Home Life’s 6 main services (energy, cooking, air care, home care, home care). animals). and clothing care),” the South Korean company said.

Also refrigerator integration with Google Photos and OneDrive will allow users to display photos on the computer screen and share them with your family if you like. For those people who prefer to enjoy other types of content on the fridge screen, they will also have the Atelier app that allows them to display photos of works of art.

At the moment, there is no set date for its release on the market, so it is expected to be announced during the presentation at CES 2023 when it is first shown to the public.

Author: Julian Castillo
Source: La Opinion


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