Hundreds of ancient artifacts. In Spain, the police made an archaeological “discovery” in two private homes.

Spanish authorities have seized hundreds of ancient skeletal remains and archaeological artifacts from the homes of two men in the province of Alicante.

The recovered remains include Paleolithic flint tools, ammonite and nautilus fossils, Neolithic and Bronze Age mills, Phoenician amphorae, Roman mosaic tiles and a human skull, Artnet reported.

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Two people in possession of the items are under investigation for embezzlement of objects of artistic, historical, cultural or scientific value, according to a December 30 report by the Civil Guard. No charges have yet been made.

These searches date back to November last year, when authorities received information that possibly human remains were found in a house in Gata de Gorgos, a small village in southeast Spain. A search of the house found numerous bone fragments believed to be between 4 and 5 thousand years old.

The landlord diverted police to another location where the second suspect resided in the nearby city of Dénia. There, authorities confiscated a large private collection of archaeological artifacts that the man claimed to have inherited from a deceased relative. “However, he did not have any documents confirming his possession of these documents,” the authorities explained in their message.

In the second house, investigators also found numerous handwritten notebooks believed to have been written by a deceased relative and containing the precise locations where the archaeological items were taken.

“Work by experts can help date the origin and context of the pieces, thereby increasing their value as well as making it easier to locate new archaeological sites,” the statement said.

In total, about 350 archaeological objects and about 200 skeletal objects were discovered. The Civil Guards said in a statement that they are now hiding in the nearby Dénia Archaeological Museum while the investigation continues.

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