Stellantis, Solid State Battery Prototype from Factorial at CES 2023 January 11, 2023 3

Stellantis aims to make solid-state batteries affordable 2026. It is for this reason that he invested in Factorial Energy, a company dedicated to the development of this technology. During the car group’s keynote at CES 2023, a small but interesting update was presented on this topic.

Therefore, a prototype of a new battery manufactured by Factorial Energy was presented at an exhibition in Las Vegas. with cells 100 Ah. The company has previously successfully tested solid-state batteries with 40 Ah cells. Unfortunately, no specific new technical guidance has been provided.

During the presentation Carlos TavaresCEO of Stellantis, confirmed the 2026 target and only added that these new batteries can be counted on. 30% higher energy density compared to modern lithium-ion batteries. Thus, technologies that will allow the creation of electric vehicles with a long range. However, development is ongoing and the goal is to have batteries with an energy density greater than 50% of the energy density of current batteries. Carlos Tavares commented:

Together with Factorial we are developing a patented technology that uses less cobalt. By 2026, a solid-state battery will be able to provide 30% higher energy density than a traditional lithium-ion battery, which could provide even more range or lighter weight. Together we are already working on the next generation, which will bring this figure up to 50%.

What Tavares had to say at CES 2023 is certainly interesting. We also know that both companies are working on the first production lines. In particular, according to Factorial Energy, it is possible to adapt existing production lines to be able to build new cells. This would reduce the cost of developing this technology.

Solid-state batteries, which we have talked about many times in the past, on paper will allow electric vehicles to make an important leap forward in terms of autonomy and recharge time. At the moment, however, there is still only talk of development and future production.

It feels like before these new batteries available to the mass market it will take many more years. Even if in 2-3 years manufacturers manage to get the first generation of these batteries for their cars, at first they will be available only for a few, probably top-end models.

Several companies are working on solid-state batteries. In 2023, there should be some news about this work. It remains only to wait for new information in order to better understand the progress of this technology.

Author: Philip Vendrame



Source: HD Motori


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