The oldest non-royal mummy found in the Saqqara necropolis and keeper of the pharaoh’s secrets

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered four new tombs, including one that belonged to a pharaoh’s “keeper of secrets”, in the Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo.

Home to eleven pyramids, Saqqara served as the burial center of the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis, both pyramids are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites, according to Express.

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Minister of Antiquities and Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass, a priest, inspector and noble overseer named Khnumjedef, said the largest tomb was “decorated with scenes from everyday life”.

His resting place was found in the pyramid complex of the pharaoh Unas, the ninth and last king of the fifth dynasty, who ruled about 4.3 yew trees. Years ago.

Another of the newly discovered tombs during this period belonged to a person named Meryem. He was supposedly the keeper of secrets – a high-ranking palace official who was authorized to perform special religious rituals.

The third tomb was in the pyramid complex that belonged to Pharaoh Pepi I, who ruled for 40 years in the late 24th or early 23rd century BC. The tomb is believed to belong to one of its priests.

Dr. Hawass said the last burial was for a judge and clerk known as Fetek.

The secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt, Dr. Mostafa Waziri said at a press conference that Fetek’s tomb contains the “largest collection of sculptures” ever found around the necropolis.

Archaeologists also said they found a large limestone sarcophagus at the bottom of a 15-meter-deep well.Dr.

When the coffin was opened, the team found the mummified, golden-leafed remains of a man named Hekashepes, which researchers say is one of the oldest and most complete non-royal mummies ever found in Egypt.

The new tomb is just one of several major archaeological discoveries made public by Egypt in recent years, mostly from the Saqqara necropolis.

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