Magical place. Scientists have discovered that chores in the kitchen help to lose weight, dance better.

A study shows that cleaning the kitchen can help shed extra pounds.

For decades, scientists have been conducting hundreds of studies aimed at finding effective methods of dealing with excess weight without strenuous exercise and strict diets. The Daily Mail writes that a new study shows that this is quite real.

A group of scientists from Loughborough University discovered that some household chores can help you shed extra pounds – one of the most effective and calorie-burning tasks was the kitchen cleaning routine. Scientists are sure that in this case not only a dirty stove will benefit, but also your body.

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The study involved a dozen professional cleaners who were given special audiences and allocated 5 homes for cleaning. According to the study’s author, Professor Amanda Daly, she and her colleagues then analyzed data from the viewers and compared them to calorie loss during other activities.

It turned out that 50 minutes of kitchen cleaning was more effective at losing calories than dancing or even cycling for the same amount of time. What’s more, the results of the study show that cleaning the kitchen burns more calories than cleaning other rooms in the house.

And now more specifically. The study shows that the average person spends about 276 calories cleaning the kitchen, it takes only 173 calories from us to clean the bathroom, and it will require an average of 1534 calories to clean the bedroom.

At the same time, scientists discovered that 50 minutes of kitchen cleaning burns more calories than dancing or an hour of cycling — between 219 and 292 calories.

Daley states that cleaning the house makes our heart rate faster and we consume more calories. However, this alone may not be enough. That’s why Cambridge personal trainer Joe Mitton suggested using some tricks to increase the cleaning effect. For example, she recommends not bending over to clean something, but squatting and squatting to make your cleaning routine an even more effective way to fight excess weight.

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