Scientists have finally solved the main problem of quantum computing: how did they achieve it?

Other researchers from Sussex described their development as a truly important step forward.

Scientists say quantum computers are the future and advancement of the IT industry. But they have one major drawback – they are too large, require serious cooling systems and completely clean rooms, and unfortunately cannot ensure error-free transmission of information, according to the BBC. However, it seems that Sussex scientists have managed to overcome the last of these shortcomings.

Professor Winfried Henzinger’s team has developed a system that can transfer information from one chip to another at record speeds with 99.999993% reliability. According to the researchers, this shows that in principle the chips could be connected together to create an even more powerful quantum computer.

Henzinger’s colleagues from other universities around the world described his team’s development as a truly important step forward. However, they note that more testing still needs to be done to develop practical systems.

For those unfamiliar with quantum computing, scientists suggest it’s based on a surprising property of quantum particles that can be related to each other in strange ways even when they’re millions of kilometers away. By influencing one particle, its change instantly passes to the other, wherever it is.

Ordinary, familiar computers solve problems in a simple linear fashion, one calculation at a time. Even the world’s most powerful supercomputers do the same. And quantum computers make it possible to perform large numbers of computations at the same time, saving scientists months or even years.

Quantum computing technology is planned to be used in the near future to create drugs faster or fight viruses, as well as improve anything that requires processing large amounts of data.

Previously Focus He wrote that scientists will connect a quantum computer to a supercomputer: what they want to achieve.

Source: Focus


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