Researchers Find Evidence That Human Ancestors Loved Hippos

Hominins didn’t master fire for another 2 million years, so hippo was on their raw menu.

On the shores of Lake Victoria in Africa, archaeologists have discovered the oldest evidence in history that human ancestors used a variety of tools to shred the flesh of ancient hippos. A set of Stone Age tools dating to around 2.9 million years ago is the earliest evidence found of hominids that fed on very large animals. This also suggests which of the ancient ancestors of man first started making tools, IFLScience says.

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The discovery was made during archaeological excavations in Nyang, in western Kenya. At least three different types of stone tools were found there, including hammerstones, cores (stone cores), and flakes. They were used to cut, scrape and dismember both animals and plants.

In addition to the tools, the researchers found the oldest fossilized parantropus teeth. Considered an indirect relative of Homo sapiens, this extinct hominin may have looked like a small bipedal gorilla. The find makes one wonder who made these tools.

Oldowan stone tools are very simple early stone tools made using one or more flakes hewn from another stone. However primitive they may be, the invention of this technology was an important milestone in the history of ancient hominins.

“With these tools, you can grind better than an elephant’s angled tusks and cut better than a lion’s tusks. Oldowan technology was like the sudden evolution of a brand new set of teeth outside of the body and opened a new door for our ancestors. Peter Buck, senior author of the study and at the National Museum of Natural History “The diversity of food on the African shroud,” said Potts, Chair of Human Origins.

With this discovery, the earliest stone tools from the Oldowan period were found at Lady Gerara in Ethiopia and were about 2.6 million years old. This new study shows that Oldowan technology is much earlier and possibly more widespread than previously thought.

According to the researchers, this is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, examples of Oldowan technology. This suggests that such a toolkit is more common and used than previously thought. It has been used in the cultivation of various animals and plants. Archaeologists are also not sure what its significance is for adaptation, but the diversity of uses suggests it was important to these hominins.

At least 1776 animal bones, including hippos and bulls, were found here, in addition to tools. Thanks to this array of artifacts, the researchers are confident they’ve stumbled upon the site of an actual prehistoric butcher’s shop, where distant members of the human family cooked and hunted megafauna for dinner.

It took another 2 million years for ancient hominins to learn to control fire, so all this food was served raw. Archaeologists suggest that with the help of tools, the meat could be turned into an easy-to-eat porridge like hippopotamus tartar.

It has long been assumed that only the genus Homo, to which man belongs, could produce stone tools. However, the discovery of Paranthropus with these stone tools opens the doors of an intriguing mystery.

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