How often should people have sex: scientists have determined the exact number of sexes per week

Researchers unanimously agreed on the norm for couples, but their views were slightly different for single people.

Valentine’s Day has passed, but the research dedicated to this day is not yet finished. Daily Mail, scientists have calculated this time how much sex a person needs to improve their health.

It is interesting that doctors unanimously determined the norm of sex for couples, but they had some disagreement on the determination of the norm for single people. That’s why we know that sex causes a spike in “feel-good” hormones that elevate our moods, lower our stress levels, and make us feel more satisfied and closer to our partner.

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In addition, sex is a great simulator for the heart muscle, because it makes the heart beat faster and circulates blood throughout the body, which ultimately helps fight cardiovascular diseases and prolongs a person’s life. Studies also show that sex can improve sleep, helping you fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

However, despite all these advantages, according to survey data in the United States, the majority of people ignore sex, and a quarter even admitted that they have not had sex in more than a year.

Sex therapist Dr. According to Jan Kerner, he often encounters couples in his practice who seem stuck in a routine and have far less sex than one or both of them would like. At the same time, a number of studies show that couples who have sex at least once a week have higher levels of positivity in relationships.

A sex therapist from New York, Dr. Peter Canaris also joined the discussion, according to him the frequency can range from weekly to biweekly, but not less often. It’s all about the endorphins and oxytocin our bodies produce during sex, these hormones that create a feeling of relaxation and intimacy and also help prevent anxiety and depression.

Canaris also notes that some studies suggest that the sexual “next flare” can last up to 48 hours, giving people the positive outlook they need to be successful. In addition, people who lead a healthy sex life feel more energetic and lively.

Additionally, a number of studies have linked an active sex life with a lower risk of prostate cancer, which is most common among men and affects 13 out of every 100 people during their lifetime. So far, scientists cannot explain this relationship, but they believe it is due to increased blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Another study suggests that more frequent sex may reduce menstrual pain in women. This is because orgasm provides some relief by causing the muscles to contract and relax.

Kerner also notes that people with healthier sex lives in her practice often live healthier, eat better, feel better, and take care of themselves. Sex helps them feel sexy, so they want to keep that feeling.

Why are you having less sex?

Researchers note that, as a rule, it is associated with mental and physical health. Factors that reduce the amount of sex in a person’s life include:

  • stress (about relationships or in general);
  • body insecurity (health problems, aging, overweight);
  • routine (boring lifestyle);
  • employment (children, family, career, etc.);
  • communication (lack of or poor communication in a couple).

How long should sex be?

A 2017 survey of 26,000 people made the framework of couples clear – sex should be present in a couple’s life at least once a week. However, scientists cannot find common ground on single people. On the one hand, all people need sex for physical and emotional health, but on the other hand, it can prevent single people from reaching their goals as it takes more time to find a partner.

According to Canaris, single people should not pursue the “weekly” goal. In fact, it’s important to remember that couples have reliable and constant access to each other so they can get together more often.

Human sexuality expert Dr. According to Yvonne Fulbright, single people have a variety of tools to find sexual partners, from bars to the internet to social media. She added that her students have proven time and time again that the feelings and joy of casual relationships last long enough and can have the same effect on couples as sex.

In addition, scientists note that masturbation can also come to the rescue. Numerous studies show that it has a number of advantages:

  • stress reduction;
  • sleep improvement;
  • increased self-esteem;
  • improve the quality of the body.

The risks of lack of sex

Researchers warn that prolonged abstinence from sex can lead to a host of negative mental health consequences. A lack of sex causes a decrease in the release of endorphins and oxytocin in the brain, which may be considered stress due to similar symptoms.

Other studies show that withdrawal leads to lower testosterone levels in the body. In addition, the lack of sex increases the chances of cheating, and prolonged sexual abstinence can even lead to atrophy of the genitals.

Previously Focus He wrote that scientists have identified 5 ways to improve sex on Valentine’s Day.

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