A factory for the production of inexpensive kamikaze drones was opened in Ukraine: it cost $ 200

Engineers buy parts from partners at very low prices and make their own ammo.

The Khvilya’91 charity, together with the National Guard, set up a factory for the production of shock drones in Ukraine. The developers revealed the details of the project on their Telegram channels.

The factory produces kamikaze drones that cost $200, about 10 times cheaper than the popular DJI Mavic 3 quadcopters actively used by the Ukrainian military on the front. The engineers explained that they are able to negotiate with Asian partners, who supply the components at competitive prices.

Factory-built drones are far better than most of their civilian counterparts, as they lift weights up to 1.2kg. Also, Ukrainian specialists created drop systems for UAVs and developed ammunition to increase the power of attacks.

“Models have been tested and even more – they are already used at the front and have shown themselves well in battles,” said Khvilya’91.

ShoTam publication writes that Ukrainian IT specialists supported the project by investing 2 million UAH. Dmitry Sklyar, head of the Internet marketing agency Netpeak, noted that kamikaze drones are consumables in the war in Ukraine, so they must be constantly supplied. Only serial and continuous production can provide the troops with a sufficient number of UAVs.

The businessman added, “The Khvilya’91 initiative with drones is innovative and effective. I believe this should bring our victory over the land of terror even closer.”

At the end of January, Yuri Kasyanov, the founder of the A.Drones project, announced the construction of a factory for the production of pulsed drones in Ukraine. According to the plan, the enterprise should begin operations in April-May of this year and produce hundreds of autonomous drones that attack targets every month without the participation of an operator.

Source: Focus


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