Soldiers will be saved at the front: engineers make pocket drone detectors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (video)

Dutch developers have redesigned their devices to capture UAVs. Now experts are trying to solve a difficult problem with frequencies.

Ukrainian experts, with the help of Dutch partners, are developing a portable device that signals the approach of drones. Soldier and volunteer Sergey Flash spoke about this project on Facebook.

A video shared on social media shows a device with an antenna that fits in the palm of an adult. A small color screen displays radio waves at specific frequencies that beep when a UAV is nearby. As the creators planned, soldiers could use such devices to defend themselves against quadcopters throwing grenades on the front lines.

As Sergei Flash shared, Dutch engineers redesigned pocket radio signal analyzers and put software on them that responds to drones. The only problem is that experts cannot achieve normal sensitivity in the 5.8 GHz band, so the device does not notice drones operating at these frequencies.

“Several teams from Ukraine continue to work on other options. Otherwise, we will order the Netherlands to develop paid development of a complete product for the needs of the Armed Forces,” added the author.

We have already written about another portable drone detector developed by Ukrainian Dmitry Selin. It can detect different models of Russian drones such as Orlan and Eleron. Currently, the Ukrainian army is testing a prototype device in combat conditions.

In January, the Ukrainian military demonstrated a system that can detect drones and missiles by voice on the move. Soldiers of the 125th separate brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces are installing a microphone, mirror and microcomputer complexes, the total cost of which is less than 20,000 hryvnia. They can detect threats from 3 to 7 km, depending on their size.

Source: Focus


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