Italy Says No to Euro 7 and Endothermy in 2035 14 March 2023 36

Italy rejects European Commission proposal for Euro 7. Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matthew Salvini participated in a meeting in Strasbourg organized by the Czech Republic, to which all countries skeptical about the content of the new legislation to reduce vehicle emissions were invited.

At the meeting participated the ministers of transport of the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and Poland personally, and colleagues from Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Portugal contacted from their capitals.

The Italian government strongly opposes Euro 7 rules.

A position that is not too different from the position of other participants in the meeting. For example, Czech Minister Martin Kupkathe promoter of the meeting, stressed how “Euro 7 legislation is counterproductive and unrealistic. To do this, it will be necessary to modify it over the next few months.“.

The meeting raised concerns that the introduction of the new standard could drive up car prices, slowing down the renewal of the fleet. In short, the participants are asking for a revision of the legislation and for this reason will present a number of proposals for changing it.

At the same time as the meeting, the representative of the European Commission responsible for the internal market, Sonya Gospodinovaintervened to defend the content of the Euro 7 legislation.

A very important point in our proposal that needs to be taken into account is that the previous Euro 6 legislation was adopted in 2012; since then, the industry has adapted and evolved: companies are now very close to the levels of the new Euro 7 legislation, and the Commission took this into account when making an ambitious but realistic proposal.


The meeting also considered the issue of stopping endothermy from 2035. On this issue, Minister Salvini also echoed Italy’s position very clearly.

I am also adding the opposite position in the CO2 dossier for light and heavy vehicles unless biofuels and e-fuels are included.

As we know, our country wants to extend the transition period and move towards technological neutrality. All this with the aim ofprotect citizens, companies and jobs. Electric only means a gift to China“. It seems that in the first place the proposal of Germany on e-fuel was discussed, which would find a consensus among the rest of the participants in the meeting.

Czech Transport Minister Martin Kupka said the European Commission could submit a legally binding e-fuel proposal in the coming weeks. Let’s see if this is really so, counting on the fact that there may be problems with the timing of coordination, given that elections to the European Parliament will be held next year.

In any case, Germany reiterates its request for a retreat from e-fuel, which we have already talked about a lot, and the need to focus on technological neutrality. However, the German government says it is confident that progress can be made as early as this week. It remains only to wait for further news on these very delicate issues.

Author: Filippo Vendrame SOURCE

Source: HD Motori


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