Drone-bomber QuadCAS will be able to carry up to 6 pieces of ammunition and replace “Mavics”

The Ukrainian military has been throwing grenades with improvised systems for a year, and BothwellRoyal offers a factory solution.

Swedish-South African company BothwellRoyal has introduced a series of shock drones for the military called QuadCAS. This project was recognized by Shephard Media.

The QuadCAS series includes three fighter models designed to support the military from the air: QuadCAS:M250x, QuadCAS:M500 and QuadCAS:MXT. The first two are offered as “remote-controlled disposable kinetic anti-personnel weapons”. According to the description, they are very similar to kamikaze drones like the American Switchblade or Polish Warmate. It was noted that the M500 model is equipped with a warhead, which in terms of detonation power is not inferior to an 81-mm mortar shell.

However, QuadCAS:MXT is a multi-purpose quadcopter that can be equipped with 2-6 anti-personnel munitions depending on their weight and power. The weight of the aircraft is less than 2 kg, so each soldier can carry several items in his backpack.

The drone model in the demo image resembles the DJI Mavic 3, which Ukrainian and Russian soldiers equipped with improvised bomb ammunition. The technology has proven effective in close-range combat, as it allows you to attack enemy positions from the air, reducing risks to personnel. That’s just BothwellRoyal decided to install such a system directly on the hull of the UAV.

Now the developers are preparing to launch the new drones by completing the final tests of the QuadCAS family. BothwellRoyal plans to receive the first orders by the end of March and complete by the end of 2023.

“With its lightweight and portable design, the QuadCAS series offers a cost-effective solution that can play an important role in combat situations and greatly reduce the chance of collateral damage,” said Robert McMurray, founder of BothwellRoyal.

Earlier, they wrote about how enthusiasts turned ordinary civilian drones into weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Often they add drop systems that allow the UAV to carry light grenades and attack the invaders with them. In skilled hands, such bombers can destroy even armored vehicles.

However, the commander of an unmanned aerial systems company explained the low efficiency of firing grenades from drones. According to him, during such raids Ukrainian units lose a large number of quadrocopters that can be used for reconnaissance and fire adjustment.

Source: Focus


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