WhatsApp: what is the code “7642” and why is it going viral among young people

Nowadays, young people have created their own language in social networks.With. Through innovation and creativity, they have found new ways to communicate and express themselves using codes and symbols that only they can understand. One of the most recent examples is the code “7642”.

This seemingly random code actually has a very specific meaning. “7642” is a secret language meaning “I will always (7) be (6) for (4) you (2)”.. It is a way to express loyalty and commitment to someone in a discreet and subtle way.

The explanation for the use of this code is related to the number of letters of each of the words that make up the phrase.. Thus, young people have found a quick and effective way to communicate without having to write long and complex words.

Platforms like TikTok have dozens of videos with thousands of views about “7642”.. In these videos, young people share their excitement and excitement about finding a way to communicate in secret and fun. It is also common to see comments where users use “7642” to express their love and affection for friends and family.

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The creativity of social network users led to the creation of a whole language, which eventually became part of popular culture. which has led to it being adopted by millions of people around the world.

Here we will tell you what other phrases have become popular:

1. “YOLO”: This is an abbreviation for “You Only Live Once” (you only live once). and is used to justify some impulsive or risky actions.

2. “FOMO”: This is a phrase that refers to an abbreviation “Fear Of Missing Out” (fear of missing something) and is used to describe the feeling of anxiety that comes from not being able to attend a social function or event.

3. “Kill”: This expressionn is used to describe someone who does something spectacular or it looks really good.

4. “lit”: This word refers to something lively, exciting or fun and is commonly used to refer to situations such as parties.

Author: Julian Castillo
Source: La Opinion


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