Armed Forces of Ukraine tests long-range drones in Crimea before the attack, – expert

According to Oleksiy Hetman, Ukrainian troops do not inflict significant damage to the invaders on the peninsula, while gaining experience for new attacks.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine can test long-range unmanned aerial vehicles that hit Russian targets in the Crimea. This assumption was voiced by reserve major Alexei Getman on the Radio NV broadcast.

The Ukrainian military commented on the explosions associated with drone strikes in Sevastopol, Kerch and other cities of temporarily occupied Crimea. Oleksiy Hetman announced that at the end of 2022, Ukroboronprom has created and tested domestic assault drones with a flight range of up to 2,000 km, recently increased to 3,000 km. With the help of such drones, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can attack targets not only on the Crimean Peninsula, but also on the territory of Russia.

“I don’t think we have done much damage to the enemy, but we are testing our planes and I hope we will use them very actively during the counterattack that everyone expects,” said Aleksey Getman.

On March 1, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it had carried out a massive drone strike on Crimea. According to the Russians, the air defenses shot down 6 aircraft and rendered 4 more electronic warfare equipment ineffective. Information soon emerged that a Mugin-5 commercial drone, available for purchase from China, was located in the Saki region.

Prior to that, on February 16, the invaders announced that they had launched an attack on Sevastopol with 10 drones. Allegedly, the Russian Armed Forces shot down a part of the UAV on the Black Sea near the city, and the rest in other parts of the peninsula.

In January, Ukroboronprom reported the successful testing of an attack aircraft created by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny. Representatives of the concern claim that the drone can hit targets at a distance of up to 1000 km.

Source: Focus


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