Ukrainian factory produces 500 drones worth 50-1000 dollars per month: what is known about them

Craftsmen collect three types of fighter jets: reconnaissance, bomber and “kamikaze”. They are helping the Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard to destroy the Russians at the front.

In Odessa, the army, together with volunteers, built a factory for the mass production of domestic drones. They told Inter TV channel how the warplanes were assembled.

The Khvilya 91 Charitable Foundation purchased equipment for the production of UAVs and delivered it to representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who assembled aircraft with their own hands. They order some components from abroad and some are 3D printed. This approach reduced the cost of a drone by about $300. This is very important as the factory transfers drones to the front free of charge and works with donations from business partners.

As the fund’s founder, Alexander Yakovenko, explains, UAVs can be mass-produced when they cost around UAH 8,000. In turn, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, having a large number of kamikaze drones, can use them to destroy not only Russian equipment, but also manpower.

Currently, the factory produces about 500 three types of unmanned aerial vehicles per month. Its main product was small $ 200 kamikaze helicopters, capable of flying at a distance of up to 8 km from the operator, even under the influence of electronic warfare. According to a soldier with the “grandfather” call sign, the drone was designed to destroy equipment, so it was mostly equipped with a cumulative ammunition weighing 1.5 kg – it could pierce the armor of a tank in the engine compartment.

The most expensive model costs $ 1,000 and is a quadcopter equipped with a 10x zoom camera and a drop system designed for six munitions with a total weight of up to 3 kg. The drone is armed with cumulative or fragmentation bombs, it can drop them all at once or in sequence.

The third model is a small reconnaissance quadcopter that costs around $50. They help infantrymen inspect the area before they move, especially useful for inspecting buildings in urban areas.

“Khvylya 91” together with the National Guard opened a school for training drone operators. Volunteers say cheap homemade drones don’t have the stabilization and GPS navigation that more expensive commercial models have, making them harder to fly. Training lasts at least a month – during this time, the pilot must learn to hit targets with an accuracy of at least 20%. The school, which has so far only been open to military personnel, plans to accept civilians in the future.

Earlier they wrote about a new fighter jet from the Ukrainian company Skynetua. An unmanned aerial vehicle can carry ammunition weighing up to 3 kg and drop it on the invader’s head. The military can launch UAVs directly from their hands.

Volunteer Artur Bizhko, who 3D-printed drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, was also reported. So far, only the body is ready, but the engineer ordered the necessary electronics from abroad.

Source: Focus


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