BMW registers 48 new names: this is how new models can be called March 23, 2023 0

bmwover the next few years will bring to market several new models, many of them electric. The advent of an ever-increasing number of battery-powered vehicles is likely to lead the automaker to revise naming scheme his models, to which we have long been accustomed. Other brands are following this path as well. Let’s think, for example, about Audi, which will use even numbers for electric and odd numbers for endotherms.

According to what Carbuzz said, in recent weeks BMW 48 new names registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office. Let’s remember this this does not mean that all of them will actually be used. In some cases, this may simply be a way to prevent competitors from using a particular name. In any case, what immediately catches the eye is that most of the registered new names are for electric vehicles.


BMW 1/i1 series:

  • i118
  • i120
  • i130
  • i140

BMW X1/iX1:

  • x130
  • iX120
  • iX130

BMW X2/iX2:

  • iX220
  • iX230
  • iX240

BMW 3 Series/i3:

  • i320
  • i330
  • i340
  • M350

BMW X3/iX3:

  • X320
  • X330
  • iX330
  • iX340
  • iX350

BMW 4 Series/i4:

  • i420
  • i430
  • i450

BMW X4/iX4:

  • X420
  • iX430
  • iX440
  • iX450

BMW 5/i5 series:

  • i530
  • i550

BMW X5/iX5:

  • X540
  • X550
  • X560
  • iX540
  • iX550
  • iX560

BMW X6/iX6:

  • X640
  • x650
  • iX640
  • iX650
  • iX660

BMW 7 Series/i7:

  • i740
  • i750
  • i760

BMW X7/iX7:

  • X740
  • X750
  • X760
  • iX740
  • iX750
  • iX760

Very interesting links hypothetical 1 series electric car which, at the moment, has only been thought about a few times in the past. However, as mentioned at the beginning, there is no certainty that the German brand will actually use all of these names. At the moment, there is nothing we can do but wait for more news from the German car manufacturer.

Author: Filippo Vendrame SOURCE

Source: HD Motori


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