On a single charge – 1000 kilometers: engineers made a revolutionary discovery (video)

The Qilin battery is already ready for use in electric vehicles, but its customers are not yet known.

Chinese battery company Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) has made a revolutionary discovery, writes Interesting Engineering. It introduced its incredible battery that can provide a range of 1,000 kilometers on a single charge with its cell-to-pack (CTP) technology.

The CATL pili is named the Qilin after a mythical creature from Chinese mythology. It also has a record volume efficiency of 72% and an energy density of up to 255 Wh/kg.

Chinese engineers integrated the inner crossbar, liquid cooling plate and thermal pad into a multifunctional elastic middle layer in Qilin. The revolutionary battery also has built-in micro-bridges in the interlayer that flexibly adapt to changes within the cell, thereby increasing the reliability of the battery over its lifetime.

Qilin’s unique design provides secure positioning of various components, including structural protection, high-voltage connection and protection valve, further increasing battery capacity by 6%.

The battery is cooled by placing liquid cooling functional parts between adjacent cells, and innovative cooling technology allows the cells to cool four times faster. Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW and Nio are among the company’s main customers, but CATL has so far not revealed details on how automakers will be the first to buy the revolutionary battery.

Previously Focus He wrote that scientists wanted to improve batteries using neural networks: how it would work.

Source: Focus


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