Paper bags are not a panacea. Experts told how to help a person recover from a panic attack

It can be difficult to support a loved one during a panic attack. With the right tools and strategies, you can help them feel more comfortable and expand their options in times of stress.

A panic attack can be frightening for both the person experiencing it and those around them. It can take many forms, from severe hyperventilation to barely felt discomfort. Regardless of its intensity, a panic attack occurs when the brain overcomes fear or stress for no apparent reason. Symptoms may include shortness of breath, dizziness, sweating, tingling, and heart palpitations.

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To the observer, a panic attack may seem as gruesome as an exorcism, but this is far from the truth and the person experiencing it is particularly vulnerable right now. Therefore, it is important to understand how to help this person, and for this it is necessary to remain calm and provide support. Mental health professionals recommend deep breathing and focusing on the physical sensations in the moment to focus and calm the affected person.

It’s also important not to belittle the person’s experience and not make them feel judged or rejected. Instead, use non-judgmental language such as “I think you’re having a panic attack.” It is also important to ask simple questions about what the person needs and to be patient with their answers. Examples of such questions would be whether a person would like to talk, whether they would like to retire, or whether they would like to hold someone’s hand.

In general, helping someone who is having a panic attack takes patience, empathy and understanding. A psychologist who specializes in anxiety, Dr. By staying calm and providing support, we can make a difference and help a person manage their symptoms, says Leah Katz.

When someone close to us has a panic attack, we experience it differently because a close relationship with someone can bring a lot of responsibility and a sense of helplessness, but moderation is important in everything, especially in moments like these. Dr. Physical comfort can help, according to Katz, but it’s important to be gentle and not use force. For example, you can bring them a blanket, a glass of water, or even offer to take a warm shower. Various sensations, such as holding an ice cube, can also calm them and bring them back into their bodies.

While breathing through a paper bag is a common method of stopping hyperventilation, it can be dangerous for some people. Therefore, it is better to refrain from its use, unless they themselves demand it. It is worth noting that panic attacks are not dangerous and usually do not require immediate medical attention. However, people may mistake them for heart attacks and call him. When in doubt, there’s nothing wrong with taking risks, but it’s not usually necessary.

After the panic attack has passed, the person may feel exhausted and want to rest. Fluids and electrolytes can help in this situation, but alcohol or other substances should be avoided. Dr. Katz warns that exposure to substances can be addictive and increase escape behavior. Avoidance behavior refers to actions or behaviors that a person takes to avoid or move away from a situation that causes discomfort or anxiety. Therefore, it is very important to detect and eliminate this behavior by choosing healthier coping strategies. It’s important to ask a person, venue, company, or whether they need to watch a TV show with a pizza ordered at the company.

Depending on your relationship with the person, it may be helpful to follow the person in the long run and talk about what happened. Checking in and asking how they’re doing will help them feel supported. At the same time, “Maybe next time I can do something different for you?” It’s an opportunity to say Even if they can’t answer, it can be comforting to know that someone cares about what you’re asking.

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