Xpeng, the new SEPA 2.0 platform. G6 electric SUV debut April 17, 2023 0

Xpeng introduced a new SEPA 2.0 Platform which will be used on all of its future electric models, starting with the new G6, which will debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. The new Smart Electric Platform (SEPA) 2.0 architecture has been designed to cut costs and accelerate vehicle development. The Chinese manufacturer talks about the possibility of reducing the R&D cycle of new models by 20%. The new platform is modular and will make it possible to build vehicles with a wheelbase from 1800 mm to 3200 mm.

In addition, it can be used to design various types of models such as sedans, coupes, SUVs, station wagons, and pickup trucks. Thus, using the new platform will both speed up the development of new vehicles and reduce costs (80% of the components can be used on all different models).

SEPA 2.0 will also accelerate the integration of advanced technologies developed by XPeng, including XNGP Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), Xmart OS, and X-EEA architecture, resulting in significant time and cost savings. New platform supports 800V architecture. This will allow SEPA 2.0 based models such as the new Xpeng G6 to perform very high power recharging to reduce full power time.

SEPA 2.0 can also rely on technology.”Honeycomb Integrated Case“, with the battery to become a structural part of the car. So it is a way to improve the safety of the battery and improve the driving performance. To create the platform, XPeng will use aluminum injection molding technologies for the front and rear. A choice that will greatly improve the torsional rigidity and will reduce weight in favor of autonomy (as well as cost optimization) In addition, Xpeng has further improved the efficiency of powertrains to be used with this platform.

As mentioned at the beginning, the first model to use the new SEPA 2.0 platform will be the Xpeng G6. We already know a few things about him. For example, it will be offered in two versions: the first with a single electric motor with a power of 218 kW and the second, defined as “Performance”, with two electric motors with a total power of 358 kW.

Therefore, it remains only to wait for the official presentation of this model, which will allow you to find out all the details about the SUV and the commercial offer. It will be sold not only in China, but also in Europe.

Author: Filippo Vendrame SOURCE

Source: HD Motori


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