AI could not cope with the helicopter and change the pilot: the army found out why

Neural networks have two disadvantages: the risk of being attacked by hackers and exposure to interference.

According to the C4ISRNET portal, the test results of the special FARA (Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft) program, which is supposed to help replace pilots with artificial intelligence, showed that complex equipment such as helicopters still cannot do without humans.

But the military does not refuse to integrate artificial intelligence into military equipment. The US Army plans to develop a new helicopter with a crew of two that can operate with AI drones.

One of the projects of the FARA program will be the replacement of obsolete OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters with Sikorsky’s Raider X and Bell’s 360 Invictus models, which so far have only been in prototype form.

According to the test results, it was revealed that pilots are still needed for instant and informed decision making. Until now, only humans have been able to quickly adapt to the changing situation on the battlefield and in the sky. In addition, it is crucial to react to unpredictable situations at lightning speed.

As one of the main disadvantages of the complete transfer of control of helicopters to the “hands” of AI, the military calls the danger of hacking or interference with the neural network by the enemy.

Overall, the US Army aims to equip its Navy with light and maneuverable helicopters capable of penetrating deep into enemy lines and providing fire support to its forces. The helicopter must have a speed of at least 333 km/h, a range of at least 217 km and a flight altitude of at least 1.8 km. In addition, the helicopter must be compatible with unmanned aerial vehicles and air effects, which can perform various functions such as reconnaissance, suppression of enemy defense, electronic warfare and trapping.

But for now, research shows that even the helicopters of the future will need professional pilots.

Previously Focus He wrote that the US Navy has received a unique radar that can lock onto a target at the speed of light.

Source: Focus


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