Elon Musk will delete millions of inactive Twitter accounts

Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of several technology companies, announced that he intends to debug Twitter by removing millions of inactive accounts from the platform. The news was received with surprise by the users of the social network, as the measure is expected to have a significant impact on the number of followers of each user.

Deleting inactive accounts is a common social media practice.and in the case of Twitter, this is done regularly to maintain the integrity of the platform and prevent the spread of fake accounts and spam. However, Musk’s announcement is of particular importance because it is expected to affect a large number of accounts and therefore a large number of users.

“We are deleting accounts that have not had any activity for several years.so you will probably see a drop in the number of subscribers,” Musk wrote on his Twitter account.

Removing inactive accounts will help make Twitter a more transparent platform with fewer fake accounts..

However, deleting inactive accounts also means that many users will see their follower count decrease. This is because many of these inactive accounts still show up as followers of other users, even if they are not active. Therefore, once removed, users are more likely to see a decrease in their following.

celebrity accounts

After Musk broke the news some users raised the question of what will happen to the accounts of those famous people who have passed away in recent years and therefore did not address him.

An example is five-time NBA winner Kobe Bryant. who died in January 2020 at the age of 41 in a helicopter crash.

Ran into this issue The TitterDaily account noted that dead celebrity accounts will not be part of the purge.comment it This was soon confirmed by Musk himself, who only said “of course.”.

Author: Julian Castillo
Source: La Opinion


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