Car registrations, one in three leased May 11, 2023 5

IN Italy every third new car is leased. This is reported in the latest issue of the Report. ANIASA (National Association for Car Rental, Mobility Sharing and Automotive Digital Industry), according to which, as of today, rental cars in our country are 1.2 million.

56% of newly registered cars are hybrid, 32% are electric. And just as the car market was in deep recession in 2022, the car rental sector significant growth: 415,000 units registered in Italy for a total of 10.5 billion euros and a clientele of 250,000 individuals, companies and public authorities.

  • short-term tourism rental days: > 31 million
  • carsharing agreements in megacities: > 5.6 mln.
  • turnover 2022: +59% compared to 2021
  • number of rentals 2022: +41%
  • rental days 2022: +28%

He weighs backwards difficulties in acquiring a fleet: compared to the pre-pandemic period, the sector has lost one in three rentals, even if in 2022 the decline in the fleet went from -28% in 2021 (compared to 2019) to -5%.

  • CAR EXCHANGE: the sector is recovering but still far from pre-pandemic times. In 2022, there were 5.6 million rentals, 2.5 million registered users, 3,650 cars in the fleet.
  • LONG TERM RENTAL: Turnover +7% in 2022 compared to the previous year. The vehicle fleet increased by 9% to 1.1 million vehicles. The reasons are related to the resumption of supplies and an increase in requests from individuals – with and without a TIN. In 2022, private long-term rental cars totaled 160,000 units.
  • FIRST QUARTER 2023: rentals are growing even more thanks to an increase in registrations. Short-term rentals grew by 16% in terms of turnover, by 22% in terms of the number of rentals and by 7% in terms of the fleet. Long-term rentals are also doing well, with fleet growth of 7% and registrations even recording +72%.

ANIASA Vice President Italo Folonari

ANIASA Vice President Italo Folonari is pushing for a 10% VAT on car sharing and short-term rental services for foreign tourists, and to guarantee customers a greater deduction and deduction rate for company electric vehicles. Here are the words of President Alberto Viano:

The mobility of our country requires structural measures aimed at achieving the emission control targets set at the European level. Acceleration of the turnover of our fleet can only come about through a more widespread use of pay-as-you-go mobility in our country. In order to facilitate the transition from vehicle ownership to use, with consequent environmental and economic benefits, adequate use of tax leverage is now needed to reduce pressures on urban, tourist and business mobility.

Author: Stephen Bontempi

Source: HD Motori


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