SEAT Ibiza and Arona Special Edition Marina Pack launches May 18, 2023 1

Automobile manufacturers today talk a lot about sustainability, recycling and the circular economy. As we have seen several times when offering new models, brands are increasingly offering, for example, interiors made from recycled materials. From home SEAT comes a new example in this sense with the presentation of a new Special Edition Marina Pack for models Ibiza and Arona.


The special edition Marina Pack is characterized precisely by the use of environmentally friendly materials for interior decoration. For example, for seats coatings made in Sea yarn, a special yarn made from recycled plastic. In addition, the mats and floor were created using a special fiber made from marine plastics. This material will also be used on all Ibiza and Arona versions.

Waste from our beaches and seabed is collected through cleanup programs. After selecting different types of materials, the plastic is refined and turned into recycled marine plastic, which is then used to produce materials such as Seaqual Yarn. Werner TietzExecutive Vice President of Research and Development for SEAT and CUPRA, commented on this special edition:

SEAT is committed to finding innovative solutions to achieve our sustainability goals. Projects such as the use of recycled materials not only help the company achieve its goals, but also contribute to the constant cleaning of our seas, rivers and oceans. SEAT is determined to help preserve a natural resource that is very close to us, the Mediterranean, which is an incredibly important part of it.

Production of SEAT Ibiza and Arona Marina Pack will start in june month 2023. Details about the Italian market are not yet available. We do not even know what engines this special version will be combined with. We remind you that in Italy SEAT Ibiza costs from 19,600 euros, and SEAT Arona – from 21,200 euros.

Author: Philip Vendrame

Source: HD Motori


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