Tesla Model Y, BYD batteries improve charging May 23, 2023 0

The first Tesla Model Y with BYD batteries off the assembly line Gigafactory Germany. At the beginning of the month, the first reports appeared that the production of an electric SUV with new batteries from a Chinese manufacturer had begun at the Berlin plant. According to German press reports, the first Model Y with a BYD battery has already fallen into the hands of a buyer.

Please be reminded that BYD batteries have LFP cells (lithium iron phosphate) and are used only for the “base” model with one electric motor and rear wheel drive. For this version of its electric SUV, Tesla in China is using LFP batteries from CATL. The BYD battery was initially rumored to have a usable capacity of 55 kWh versus CATL’s 60 kWh for a range of 440 and 455 km, respectively. However, the first tests seemed to show that the power difference is smaller and limited to a couple of kWh. Of course, this aspect will be better understood as more users have Model Ys with these new batteries.

However, according to the German Tesla forum, the most interesting aspect of the Tesla Model Y with BYD battery seems to be recharge. In fact, this car has already been tested and has given very interesting results. The maximum power that can be delivered is more or less always the same as when using a CATL LFP battery. However, charging curve is much better as the maximum power can be maintained longer. This means that it takes less time to restore energy.

So from the first information, it seems that the new battery offers very interesting performance on the Model Y. For Tesla, as we know,The use of batteries with LFP cells is very important and cooperation with BYD could give a new impetus to the production of single-engine and rear-wheel drive versions. Interestingly, while the partnership between Tesla and BYD has been much talked about for a long time, the two companies have never wanted to formally confirm the agreements. The reason can perhaps be explained by the fact that Tesla and BYD are also “rivals”. However, it is already clear that batteries from a Chinese manufacturer have arrived at Elon Musk’s electrician.

Author: Filippo VendrameVIAFONTE

Source: HD Motori


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