Tesla Cybertruck, new interior images of the electric pickup May 26, 2023 2

Tesla should begin production of the first production models of its Cybertruck in the summer. Over the past few months, several videos and many photos have surfaced online showing prototypes of Elon Musk’s very peculiar electric pickup truck. Recently, during the latest annual shareholder meeting, which was held at the Gigafactory in Texas, Tesla also showed the latest prototype of the car. It was an opportunity to better observe the latest in the development of a pickup truck, at least its external design.

Now there is an interesting novelty, because through the forum of the Cybertruck Owners Club they have been shared several photos showing the insides of an electric pickup truck. Images taken on the occasion of the Company’s Investor’s Day, from which very interesting things can be seen.

You can immediately see that there is a classic large center display, very similar to what we find on other Tesla electric models. What strikes this is the steering wheel which looks like a cross between a traditional steering wheel and a yoke we’ve seen on the new S/X that has been heavily criticized. You can also see that there are forced touch buttons on the steering wheel.

Photos help to better understand board depth which seems so remarkable that there are suggestions on the forum that there might be visibility issues. A detail that we will understand better when the Cybertruck begins to enter the hands of the first customers. Looking at the images, we can also see the presence of a large “traditional” center console with a pull-out storage compartment.

Therefore, the possibility of creating a third seat, as on previous electric pickup prototypes, seems to have disappeared, at least in this example. The seats also have controls for electrical adjustment on the side.

As the start of production approaches, more details about the production version of the Tesla Cybertruck should appear. Therefore, it remains only to wait to see if Elon Musk’s company will really keep its promise to start building the first examples of an electric pickup truck in the summer.

[Foto: Cybertruck Owners Club]

Author: Filippo Vendrame SOURCE

Source: HD Motori


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