The Odysseus 6K robot searches for the wreckage of the lost Titan submarine: how it will help the investigation (video)

Odysseus 6K was the first to locate the explosion site, which was allegedly filled with the wreckage of a submersible en route to the sunken Titanic. Now it continues to work, which will take about a week.

Using the deep-sea robot Odysseus 6K, researchers search for victims and the wreckage of the Titan submarine (“Titan”) crash in the Atlantic Ocean. This was reported by the CBS News channel, citing reports from the US authorities.

What is known about the Robot Odysseus 6K

On Thursday, June 22, the remote-controlled Odysseus 6K probe found an area of ​​debris on the ocean floor that marked the “Titan” diver’s explosion site. The robot is owned by Pelagic Research Services, which is working with the Canadian Transportation Safety Board and the US Coast Guard to recover the wreckage of the missing submarine.

Experts launch the Odysseus 6K from the Horizon Arctic ship in the North Atlantic. The device is immersed at a speed of 25 m/min. and can spend up to 75 minutes underwater. depending on conditions, the maximum speed is 35 m/min and the depth is 6 km. Distressed weather, strong currents, cloudy waters and poor lighting make it difficult to work as they reduce visibility.

On Sunday, June 25, Odysseus 6K made his fourth voyage to the seafloor. According to the news of The Conversation, the robot can search, record or transmit video and sensor readings to the surface at a depth of about 1800 m, about 600 km off the coast. Research Services told CNN that the mission will take about a week, but did not disclose whether any significant parts of Titan have been found.

Problems of the Odysseus 6K robot

According to Ed Cassano, project manager of underwater objects on the Canadian ship Horizon Arctic, the robot had already successfully discovered the objects of interest in accordance with the instructions of the rescue personnel on board, but when it descended 4 km (approximately at this depth, the remains of the ship “Titanic” lie), the researchers encountered serious problems hindering the operation.

“The current recovery phase is very complex and risky, especially at this depth. Given the continuous operation under incredible atmospheric pressure, temperature and environmental pressures, this is a testament to the team’s skill and the good design of Odysseus,” he said. Jeff Mahoney of Pelagic Research Services.

In a comment to CNN, he added that the Titan wreckage would likely be too heavy for Odysseus 6K to surface on its own. To do this, Pelagic Research Services must join forces with another company, Deep Energy.

Chief Inspector Captain Jason Neubauer explained that authorities wanted to hold a formal hearing against Titan’s owner, OceanGate, and gather evidence from the crash site to determine the cause of the explosion. The investigation shows that the organization may have deliberately violated the law by displaying incompetence and negligence in sending a team to the crash site of Titanic.

On June 19, information emerged that communication with the crew of the Titan submarine belonging to OceanGate Expeditions was lost. It is known that five people boarded the Titanic sunken ship.

On June 22, researchers found debris near the Titanic, indicating the explosion of the Titan submarine. Experts are investigating the situation, according to the US Coast Guard.

Experts believe that the cause of death of the “Titan” could be defects in the hull. OceanGate Expeditions has been repeatedly warned of deficiencies that could result in loss of crew and passengers.

Source: Focus


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