Farm drone turned into one of the best military UAVs in the world in Ukraine (video)

A drone with an ultra-sensitive camera helps the Ukrainian military monitor the movements of the invaders.

In Ukraine, after a full-scale invasion, the Russian Armed Forces created the Cetus unmanned aerial vehicle, which is currently considered one of the best reconnaissance drones in the world. Yuri Shchigol, head of the Special Communications and Information Protection Service, spoke about this in an interview with Inside Unmanned Systems published on July 3.

The military said the company, which used to make cameras for field work, has modernized its drones, creating one of the best reconnaissance UAVs.

Cetus provides a clear image necessary to understand and analyze enemy movements.

The drone is a fixed-wing military reconnaissance aircraft. This is an unmanned aerial vehicle with a 61 megapixel multispectral camera on a gyro-stabilized gimbal. It was originally developed for aerial photography of large areas, for example for agricultural monitoring.

Yuriy Shchigol emphasized that after the victory of Ukraine in the war, such drones can be used for peaceful purposes in agriculture and other sectors of the economy.

Features of Cetus drone:

  • total weight – 9 kg;
  • flight time – up to 3 hours;
  • flight range – up to 180 km;
  • maximum permissible wind speed – up to 12 m/s;
  • launch – from a catapult;
  • landing system – parachute + protective airbag system.

Recall that the Ukrainians were shown that the Ukrainian drone Perun destroyed the soldiers and equipment of the Russian Federation from the sky. The Ukrainian Perun drone has proven itself at the front for its ability to bypass enemy electronic warfare systems and massively destroy the manpower and equipment of the RF Armed Forces.

Also on July 3, Ukrainians were shown in video how a Pegasus kamikaze drone blew up a Russian complex to spy on the Ukrainian Armed Forces. An explosive-laden attack aircraft disabled the Russian Murom-P complex at the front.

Source: Focus


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