New electronic warfare system and electronics: Putin ordered to strengthen Tu-160 nuclear bombers

Although this aircraft is almost 40 years old, a nuclear missile carrier could be a serious threat to any military in the world.

The Russian Ministry of Defense and United Aircraft Corporation have begun testing the modernized Tu-160M ​​intercontinental bomber at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, TASS reported. According to the Russian agency, the strategic missile carrier will be equipped with “the most modern weapons, electronic warfare systems and advanced electronics”.

It took Russia more than five years to modernize this aircraft, which entered service in 1987. During this time, designers and engineers completely digitized all Soviet documents, restored complex titanium vacuum melting technology and resumed production of the main components of the bomber. The efforts of many enterprises that are part of the Rostec structure to modernize it have accumulated.

In total, the USSR, and then Russia, managed to release 35 of these intercontinental bombers, which were the answer to the American B-2. Currently, about 15 of them are in operation in the Russian Federation, and the first three in a modernized state are already being tested.

Tu-160 – considered the world’s largest and most powerful airborne missile carrier with variable wing geometry. It can cover a distance of approximately 15,000 km, more than 10,000 times in supersonic mode at a speed of more than 2,000 km/h.

The bomber can hit targets from a shorter distance by carrying 12 large Kh-55SM missiles or 24 Kh-15S missiles in its compartments. In general, the Tu-160 can take about 40 tons of ammunition.

Currently, they want to modernize this “USSR legacy” with modern Kh-555 and Kh-101 cruise missiles with increased flight range, capable of hitting targets of any class. In addition, the aircraft is dangerous in that it can be loaded with cluster bombs, sea mines and even nuclear warheads.

The production cost of each bomber is estimated at $250 million. An additional $180 million will have to be spent on the modernization of each Soviet Tu-160 bomber.

Moreover Focus Iran said that a secret factory was built in Russia for the production of drones. Who will collect these kamikaze drones and from what?

Source: Focus


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