Volodymyr Nosov: Blocking the transactions of Russian citizens is our principled stance against the start of the Russian invasion

The entire Ukrainian crypto-espionage zone has been blocked to block the Russians, but at the world level there are plenty of exchanges to practice with the Russian market.

Volodymyr Nosov, CEO and founder of WhiteBIT, one of the largest crypto exchanges in Europe of the Ukrainian movement, about tse in an interview for Forbes Ukraine.

The WhiteBIT exchange was one of the first to block transactions for Russian citizens. So, according to the words of Nosov, in the sanctions measures from the Russian Federation, the possibility of the victorious crypto jumping the border has been exhausted.

“It is our principled stance to block the transactions of Russian citizens against the start of the Russian invasion. It is necessary to establish three main steps in order not to allow the sanctions to be circumvented. – We have opened all doors for assistance. From them you can make deposits and withdrawals of money in rubles. Another – all commercial transactions in rubles. they have enabled bets. Third – they have enabled the possibility of registration for Russians, both for KYC and IP addresses. For these reasons, you can apply the AML policy, but for the stub” – rozpoviv businessman.

If you want to monetize your crypto assets in Ukraine and other European countries, CEO WhiteBIT is responsible for the increased growth. However, it is often a mistake when people do not understand how digital assets are used for what is needed to stink. The exchange is actively investing in various research projects on crypto literacy to fix this bar’єr. Among them – a graduate certificate program at the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, a course for Diya.Osvita and others.

“Master’s certificate program teamwork of our experts and Mogilyanka experts. That’s all for this, brother students know a little more about new technologies. Developing with Diya was also profitable: we integrated the possibility of verification in WhiteBIT through Diya, then developed a crypto literacy course for all Ukrainians, which other companies also participate in. We have also launched an offline school for traders together with other partners. This is not a magic solution, how to earn a million to become a trading guru. This course is about the first steps in the stock market so that one does not give up on panits and break the basic forgiveness “ – Say Nosov.

Come to think of it, the potential of crypto assets is great. As for opportunities for koristuvachіv, so also in terms of investment. Food is left behind for a clear regulatory basis, on what, zokrema, work immediately in Ukraine.

“Bitcoin is gold for the next generation after volatility. Young investors don’t invest in gold, it stinks of the digital age”, – By appointing the CEO of WhiteBIT.

Suppose the WhiteBIT exchange and its founder Volodymyr Nosov are one of the largest private crypto donors in Ukraine. In the second year of the full-scale war, the company overspent on the consumption of the military and civilian population of Ukraine for the last 410 million hryvnia. Ahead of the day, Volodymyr Nosov issued the badge “For the protection of the army” in the name of the Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

white lice It is one of the largest centralized crypto exchanges in Europe from Ukraine. The company was founded in 2018 and currently has 1000 faxes. The largest average trading volume on the stock market is over $ 2.5 billion WhiteBIT, Ukraine national football team FC “Barcelona”, official partner of FC “Trabzonspor”, Lifecell, FACEIT and National University “Kiev-Mohyla Akademi”.

Source: Focus


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