This is the biggest benefit Xbox users will receive if Microsoft manages to buy Activision.

If Microsoft manages to close the deal to acquire Activision, Xbox users will be able to enjoy a number of exceptional benefits.. One of the highlights will be An expansion of the Xbox’s own video game catalog.which will allow you to include these games in your Game Pass subscription.

This integration will have a significant impact on the gaming experience of users, as they will have access to a large number of video games without having to make additional payments. Imagine being able to explore a wide variety of games, including established and highly anticipated franchises such as the entire Call of Duty franchise, without having to shell out extra money for each game.

This inclusion of Activision games in Game Pass This would not only provide a greater variety of opportunities for players, but would also result in significant financial savings. Currently popular game releases usually have an average price of around $70.. However, with a Game Pass subscription, users will be able to access all of these games at no additional cost.

The potential savings for players would be significant.. Instead of buying each game individually, which can add up to a significant amount of money, Xbox users can enjoy a vast library of games without having to pay more than a monthly or annual game subscription. This will mean saving up to $70 for every high quality game you want to play..

In addition to the popular Call of Duty franchise, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision could mean the inclusion of other successful sagas in the Game Pass catalog. This will open the door to a rich and varied gaming experience ranging from action games to epic adventures and more.

It is important to note that Microsoft faced a number of challenges and hurdles in its attempt to obtain the necessary approvals to complete its acquisition of Activision..

The acquisition process for a large company like Activision involves a lot of regulatory scrutiny and approval. These procedures are usually complex and time consuming as various competition and antitrust compliance aspects need to be assessed.

Author: Julian Castillo
Source: La Opinion


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