The metropolis will blow up: what will result in the eruption of the most terrible supervolcano (photo)

Scientists have underestimated the amount of molten rock beneath Yellowstone. The finding looks very frightening, and the eruption of a supervolcano will lead to the start of the “world’s largest evacuation.”

Volcanic eruptions can be very devastating, but the awakening of one of the 20 supervolcanoes scattered around the Earth can have incredibly tragic consequences. The Daily Star writes that researchers have outlined the possible devastation that the world’s scariest supervolcanic eruption could wreak.

In the Naked Science documentary “Super Volcano,” researchers explained what would be the consequences of the awakening of the Yellowstone supervolcano, located in the national park of the same name in Wyoming (USA). During the filming of the movie, scientists made a very depressing discovery: If the world’s scariest supervolcano wakes up, it will blast an area the size of a city, such as Dallas or Houston. Moreover, a piece of land will rise 3 meters into the air.

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During the study, the scientists discovered that the magma found under the supervolcano caldera now has a slurry consistency – in simple words, the scientists underestimated the amount of molten rock beneath Yellowstone, actually much more than previously thought.

Note that Yellowstone last erupted 70,000 years ago and there are no signs today that it might erupt in the near future. However, the new find looks very scary and allows you to create a clearer picture of the huge magma chamber simmering under the national park.

In a new study, scientists focused on examining how things would unfold if Yellowstone woke up. The researchers concluded that the first sign of the eruption of the scariest supervolcano on Earth could possibly be the rise of the earth. For example, St. Just before the eruption of Mount Helen, the mountain was rising at an incredible 1.5 meters per day. The authors of the study believe that something similar could have happened before the eruption of Yellowstone volcano.

The authors of the study believe that the awakening of a supervolcano will raise the entire Dallas-sized (about 1,000 square kilometers) caldera to a height of about 3 meters and possibly more. Scientists believe that these first harbingers of the apocalypse will appear a week or even months before the incredible super-explosion. It is assumed that such events will inevitably lead to the beginning of the “world’s largest evacuation”.

The researchers also suggest that the 96-kilometer zone around Yellowstone is likely to become a dangerous zone for humans and all living things.

Previously Focus He wrote that the 7,000 earthquakes in Iceland created a young volcano spewing lava.

Source: Focus


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