Hybrid missile and electronic warfare: China is developing drone kamikaze “ultra-long” range

The drone will be created on the basis of the existing series of AR missiles and can be both an attack aircraft and a reusable UAV.

Chinese company Aerospace CH UAV Co Ltd is developing a new type of idly ammunition based on a series of AR air-to-ground missiles, Defense Aerospace reported. It will be a special “ultra-long” range drone that will perform a number of functions.

According to the company’s developers, the drone will be able to act as a kind of communication relay on the battlefield, as well as be converted into a flying electronic warfare system to suppress enemy air defense radars. In addition, with its modular design, it allows the ammunition to be attached to the body in order to make accurate and powerful hits on the enemy positions.

Chinese engineers promise that, as for an unmanned aerial vehicle of this class, their loitering ammunition will be characterized by high durability, ultra-long range, high damage, high reliability and at the same time low cost. It will be able to serve not only in single missions, but also as part of the so-called “drone swarm”, that is. Interact with other drones of different classes and perform operations together.

The company provides no further details but is known to be the developer of the CH UAV series known in China and beyond, including the battle-proven CH-3 and CH-4, the more powerful CH-5 and CH-6, the sneaky CH-7, as well as the unique CH-10 model with a curved propeller.

CH UAV has developed AR series air-to-ground missiles as well as drones. The AR series covers missiles from 10 kg to 100 kg for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Experts say the CH series of drones is expected to become compatible with the company’s new idle ammunition, which will significantly expand its capabilities. An analyst noted that the new Chinese kamikaze drone will be very competitive in the international market.

Previously Focus He said China has turned traditional drones into military ones: how to use them on the battlefield. Engineers are modifying the drones to carry payloads of up to 40 kg at speeds of up to 70 km/h.

Source: Focus


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