Taiwan unveils Sea Shark 400 naval drone: how it will help fight China

The unmanned boat will be able to travel more than 300 kilometers, but it is not yet known whether it is a kamikaze boat.

Taiwanese UAV manufacturer Thunder Tiger has announced a new Sea Shark 400 naval drone, as reported by Liberty Times Net. Military portal NavyRecognition states that the design of the device is similar to some navy drones in Ukraine, for example, the Magura V5.

According to the manufacturer, the Sea Shark is 4 meters long, can reach a speed of 65 km / h and can cover a distance of 300 kilometers. The boat is equipped with a camera that can transmit images in real time and a remote control system that allows the operator to issue commands during missions.

So far, other technical details about the Sea Shark 400 are unknown. The unmanned vehicle is scheduled to be shown at a military exhibition in September, after which perhaps the carrying capacity of an autonomous boat will be revealed. In this case, it will be possible to conclude whether the Sea Shark 400 is a kamikaze boat or just a reconnaissance seaplane.

Thunder Tiger, the developer of the Sea Shark 400, is currently actively collaborating with the IVC Metal Center to apply artificial intelligence technology to its unmanned vehicles. Perhaps in September, intriguing details about the AI ​​symbiote and the control of this drone will be learned.

Meanwhile, China continues to surround Taiwan with soldiers. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army entered the Taiwan Air Defense Recognition Zone with 25 aircraft. In addition, there were 5 ships in the water ready for battle.

It was previously reported that the unmanned aerial vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces changed the balance of power in the Black Sea. Kiev is successfully using kamikaze boats to attack the Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet. Analysts say they could attack ships and ports.

However, naval aircraft attacks alone are not sufficient for attacking ships. Andrey Ryzhenko, captain of the 1st rank of the reserve, says that it is necessary to act with combined strikes. The Navy proposes to equip its drones with rocket launchers and launch anti-ship missiles at a distance of 60 kilometers from the target, which will increase the chances of hitting a ship. Missiles are a harder target than an unmanned boat.

Source: Focus


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