Mercedes G-Class, there will be a “smaller” version and it will be electric September 04, 2023 1

Rumors have been circulating for some time about a possible “smaller version” of the Mercedes G-Class. Apparently, this model will indeed be produced and will be electric. From IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich, the CEO of the German automaker Ola Calleniusconfirmed this project on the sidelines of the presentation of the CLA concept.

At the moment, the details shared by the number one German brand are very few. The new SUV, in addition to being electric, according to the manufacturer, will be a pleasure to drive both on-road and off-road. There is still no exact date for his debut. Ola Kallenius limited himself to stating that it would appear “in a few years.” On this topic electric SUV remember, that new electric G-Class which will likely be called the EQG, will be unveiled soon before going on sale in 2024. It is possible that with the presentation of the new battery-powered SUV, Mercedes will be able to say something more about the upcoming new model.

EQG Concept

There have been rumors in the past that the “small” G-Class could rely on a new MMA platform designed primarily for electric vehicles. However, instead, it looks like it should use a different platform to continue delivering strong off-road performance.

The shape of the new SUV should not differ much from that of the current G-Class, the real difference should only be in size. On paper, an interesting project, especially given how much the current G-Class is liked. It remains only to wait for more information that will allow us to better understand the contours of this project.

As mentioned above, some details may emerge during the upcoming presentation of the electric G-Class/EQG.

Author: Filippo Vendrame SOURCE

Source: HD Motori


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