Engineers have created an ultra-compact Giraffe 1X radar: it will protect against drones, missiles and bullets

The Giraffe 1X system is highly mobile due to its size and can detect drones from a distance of 75 km. In Ukraine, “brother” is already used.

Saab is developing an ultra-compact version of the Giraffe radar, which is actively used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in wars against invaders. A press release has been published on the company’s official website that a smaller version called Giraffe 1X will be released soon.

According to the company, the new configuration is designed to be easily transported, quickly deployed and quickly put into service: All the functions of the radar system are essential on the modern battlefield or where airborne threats from any direction pose greater risk.

The Giraffe 1X Deployment Kit is an easily deployable, compact and robust software-based, lightweight 3D AESA type radar. Its small footprint and large scanning radius (75 km) are ideal for lightning-fast operations where mobility and rapid response to threats are important.

The relatively small Giraffe 1X system is capable of providing unit commanders with accurate target data for air defense assets such as enemy drones and missiles. An important function is to identify mortar crews and artillery.

They are promising to show the new system as part of the DSEI 2023 exhibition to be held in London from 12-15 September. The fair will bring together the representatives of the best international companies that produce weapons systems and software for them.

Previously, Focus reported that Russian air defense missed the Ukrainian Armed Forces cardboard drones, mistaking them for birds. SYPAQ’s Corvo PPDS drones manage to remain invisible to enemy air defense systems because radio waves interact with cardboard or foam, unlike the metals most drones are made of.

It was also known why the cardboard drones of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are dangerous for the fighters of the RF Armed Forces. Due to their technical capabilities, cardboard drones cannot undermine powerful warriors, but they can inflict minor irregular damage to them as they can no longer fly.

Meanwhile, Russia figured out how to protect Moscow from drones. They built a tower with “Pantsir-S1”.

Source: Focus


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