Euro 7, Vavassori (Anfia): “the path is still very difficult” September 28, 2023 0

The position adopted by the European Council on Euro 7, which essentially changes the regulation proposed by the European Commission, has caused many reactions in Italy. Right after government satisfactionYes it Anthia also expressed this positively.. However, the President Roberto Vavassori calls for caution given that the road to approval of a new emissions standard is still long.

The voting on Euro 7 is going in the desired direction, but this is a stage, woe to the one who claims to win. The path is still very difficult. Parliament has not yet expressed its opinion.

President Anfiya’s call for caution is correct. The process is still long and, above all, very complex, and anything can still happen during the negotiations.

The worst thing that could happen in the next few weeks is that someone in the European Parliament will want to act as an executor of a hard-fought agreement in the Council to return the barrier to where it was when the Commission introduced it. This is a risk we must absolutely avoid, because it would mean a return to the tribalism we experienced during the Dieselgate era.

In any case, we are moving in the right direction for Anfia. The original Euro 7 proposal was too restrictive and would have harmed the automotive sector. However, the compromise position approved by the European Council is much more balanced. The change in direction, Anfia emphasizes, gives hope that in Europe we will be able to discuss and make decisions without ideologies.

The pragmatic and rational approach that Italy and other EU member states have taken in dealing with such an important file for the European automotive supply chain restores hope that discussions and decisions can be made in Europe without ideologies. In this sense, the Italian government and MIMIT in particular must be recognized for the tenacity of the important leadership supported at all stages of the negotiations on priority issues for our industry.

We remind you that the European Council proposes to maintain the existing test conditions and emission limits (set in legislation). Euro 6) for M1 and H1 cars (private cars and minibuses). In addition, the text strengthens the compliance of limits on brake particle emissions and tire abrasion rates with international standards adopted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Author: Filippo VendrameSOURCE

Source: HD Motori


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