Buttons the size of your head: Alienware created the world’s largest keyboard and mouse (video)

Giant gadgets work just as well as regular ones, but DOTA 2 requires at least five people to play.

Alienware took two peripherals, the Alienware AW420K mechanical keyboard and the AW720M gaming mouse, and recreated them with precision at 14 times their original size. Gadget Trend reports.

To create a 14:1 replica, the team had to use metal pieces from PVC pipe, rubber bands, and even the end of a tape measure to accurately replicate the feel and click of mechanical switches. They did this for each of the 84 keys. The result is the world’s largest mechanical keyboard, measuring over 5 meters in length. 3D printing took three days and each mechanical switch had to be custom made. The weight of the spacebar alone reaches 10 kg.

The giant computer mouse also turned out to be quite functional. It was equipped with huge mechanical buttons and a scroll wheel.

But the developers of the unusual keyboard and mouse did not stop there. They invited five members of the world-class DOTA team Team Liquid to play the game using enlarged replicas of their computing devices. The testing was no easy task, considering it required five people to operate the mouse alone.

Meanwhile, media journalists tried to use a huge keyboard to work with texts. As a result, I was able to type 14 words per minute with 88% accuracy, and even then this was not possible the first time.

Let us remind you that in early February 2023, the man spent 14 thousand dollars and collected a giant keyboard. The device is fully functional but requires two people to operate it fully.

And at the beginning of December 2021, the blogger bought a keyboard and trackball from the nuclear missile launch system. The keyboard and trackball were part of a console used to launch U.S. Air Force Minuteman III missiles in the 1980s. The system was created as part of the Rapid Execution and Combat Targeting (REACT) program.

Source: Focus


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