Stellantis, “automotive development table” from Mimit, December 6 November 20, 2023 1

A few days ago, the Italian Minister of Business and Production Adolfo Urso, expected an agreement with Stellantis to restart car production in Italy to be close. A decisive step towards achieving this agreement will be December 6. In fact, the Italian Ministry of Business and Production (Mimit) announces that it has set for this date “automotive development table“, in which the company, Regions, trade unions and Anfia will take part.

Among the main purposes of this table: “increase production levels in Italian factories, consolidate engineering and research centers, invest in innovative models, retrain workers and support the reconversion of components.“.

This is therefore a very important appointment to complete the project that the Italian government is implementing to restart the automotive sector in our country. As the ministry emphasizes, the appointment on December 6 will allow us to begin continuous, transparent and inclusive discussion among all interested parties. In addition, it will be in line with the goals signed in October with Anfia.

Let us recall that a memorandum of understanding was signed between the government and Anfia, outlining intervention priorities to support business investment in the coming years. In particular, the goal is to achieve volumes exceeding one million vehicles produced in Italian factories.

By participating in this round table from MimitStellantis reaffirms its commitment to Italy and its desire to ensure that the country maintains its leading role at the center of the automotive group’s strategy.

However, to achieve the various ambitions and support the automotive market, specific incentives are needed, such as the postponement or removal of regulation (Euro 7) that prevents the continued production of affordable models in Italy, incentives for the sale of electric vehicles and a network of charging stations to support customers, as well as cost reduction energy to support the industrial competitiveness of Stellantis and Italian suppliers.

Author: Filippo VendrameSOURCE

Source: HD Motori


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