“Carpet bombing”: Backfire drone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “congratulated” the invaders in the Kherson region (video)

Russians appreciated the power and power of the Ukrainian drone bomber and are already dreaming of having similar drones.

The Ukrainian army carried out “carpet bombing” of the positions of the Russian invaders in the Kherson region using Backfire drones. The corresponding video was published on Tuesday, January 2, on the Telegram channel of Sergei Bratchuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian Volunteer Army “South”.

The attack was carried out by fighters from the Angry Birds aerial reconnaissance unit. Video footage shows how the unmanned aerial vehicle flies at a very high speed over the positions of the Russian invaders, dropping cluster bombs on areas where personnel, military equipment and ammunition depots are located. This attack drone is capable of successfully hitting the operator’s intended targets due to the fact that the movement of enemy electronic warfare systems has almost no effect on it.

The army posted the images on Facebook, writing, “Many New Year’s gifts to girls from the neighboring country.”

The Russians, however, have already responded to Ukrainian defenders’ use of domestic attack drones. In one of the Telegram channels covering the occupation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, the enemy complained that fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were using a new unmanned aerial vehicle capable of dropping a large number of cluster munitions for the first time.

“We hope that in the near future our drone manufacturers will develop and create similar machines,” the Russians wrote.

What is known about Ukraine’s Backfire UAV

Recoil is characterized by fully autonomous operation. In this way, there is no communication channel to transfer information back and forth, and it cannot be seen by enemy electronic warfare systems. When a drone is prepared for flight, a mission program is “loaded” into it. The drone follows the specified route and coordinates, hits the target and returns. Moreover, after completing the mission, the point to which it flies may not always coincide with the original point, which helps protect the operator, since it is more difficult for the enemy to calculate its position.

Backfire’s biggest advantage over drones of its type is that it flies almost silently. The unmanned aerial system for front-line operations consists of three Backfire attack vehicles, a launch station and a ground control station, as well as a specially equipped vehicle.

Technical specifications of Backfire Strike UAV

  • range of action – up to 55 km;
  • wingspan – 3 m;
  • takeoff weight – 14 kg;
  • components – three UAVs, a ground control station, a launch system, a set of spare parts;
  • task type – autonomous;
  • payload – two 2 kg bombs,
  • type – attack aircraft;
  • targets of destruction – control points, equipment, personnel.

Let us remind you that he just talked about the successes of the Backfire drones of the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the year of operation. Backfire K-1 drones have recently been approved for use by the Defense Force, and developers have refined the design and begun small-scale production.

We also wrote that in the second half of November, the Ministry of Digital Development announced the completion of the Backfire drone test. According to Minister of Digital Transformation Fedorov, a few steps remain to be taken before the new attack drone can be officially purchased for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Manufacturers are ready for mass production.

Source: Focus


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