Mercedes may launch children’s electric G-Class in 2026 January 22, 2024 11

Iconic Mercedes G-Class is about to take a bold leap into the future with the arrival of his own all-electric successor, which promises to combine traditional design and technological innovation. This new chapter in the German brand’s portfolio could not only reaffirm its leadership position in the luxury SUV segment, but also mark an important step forward in its electrification strategy.

According to statements published Markus Schaefer – Mercedes Chief Technical Officer – during CES 2024 Las Vegas, The future baby G-Class will be 100% electric.

Mysterious model, previously confirmed also by the CEO Ola Kalleniuswill become a kind of “son” of the G-Class, incorporating the unmistakable stylistic DNA of the original model, but with its own character, as the chief designer emphasized. Gorden Wagener. Baby G it will be developed by a new dedicated Mercedes division following the launch of the EQG, expected later this year. Second Truckofficial debut may take place during 2026.


Contrary to some recent rumors, the car will not use a hybrid engine, but will focus solely on electrification. The platform will not be Mercedes’ modular architecture. (MMA) is used for other entry-level models such as the new CLA. Instead, it will borrow characteristics from the brand’s larger rear-wheel drive vehicles.

Structure baby Mercedes G-class it could be based on the longitudinal chassis of the current G-Class with the necessary modifications. The car is expected to receiveElectrical architecture 800 V AND four electric motors (one for each wheel), which ensures fast charging and significantly increases energy efficiency.


The future electric compact SUV should be offered with Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) batterieswith capacities that will vary from 58 to 85 kWh. This will lead to an increase in range and a reduction in charging time, as well as the possibility of achieving Range of 399 km (248 miles) in just 15 minutes using a 250 kW charger.

Anyway, baby G-class represents a fundamental element of the Three Pointed Star’s long-term vision. Combining the distinctive design of an iconic SUV with cutting-edge technology, the new electric compact SUV is set to set a new benchmark in the luxury electric vehicle landscape.

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