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Government yesterday presented the structure of new incentives. As we have seen, we will have to wait a little longer for the new scheme to come into force. We are talking about mid-March. Meanwhile, between Stellantis and the Italian government the tones remain quite bright.

In an interview with Bloomberg, number one in the Stellantis ranking, Carlos Tavaresexplains thatItaly must do much more to protect jobs in the auto sector instead of continuing to attack his company for producing less in Italy.

This is a scapegoat in an attempt to avoid responsibility for the fact that if subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles are not provided, factories in Italy will be at risk.

In short, Tavares points the finger at Italian politicsemphasizing that if the electricity market in Italy today is very small, the responsibility lies with the fact that the executive does not encourage the purchase of BEV models.

If you don’t want electric cars to develop, you just need to stop the incentives. It is clear that the Italian government is doing this. The electric car market in Italy is very, very small. This is a direct result of management not encouraging the purchase of electric models.

In interview number one Stellantis with Bloomberg Tavares indicates Mirafiori and Pomigliano the two factories are most threatened by the lack of effective policies to support demand for electric vehicles. Also number one of Stellantis rejects accusations that the company is too close to French interests.

I don’t always agree with the French government. Stellantis is not in the hands of the French government.

Tavares also reiterates that he is of Portuguese nationality, not French.


Tavares’ words, of course, have unleashed political chaos. Carlo Calenda is one of the first to intervene, sending a very strong message via social media.

As we wanted to demonstrate, all Elkann’s promises are useless. Every time we start from the beginning with the words “how much will you give me so that I don’t close down.” Can we all agree, after years of lonely fighting, that the time has come to put the Stellantis issue at the top of the agenda?

Also Minister Urso intervenes, launching a provocation of possible Italian participation in the capital of Stellantis.

If Tavares or others believe that Italy should do the same as France, which recently increased its share capital in the Stellantis shareholder structure, ask us.

An idea that everyone seems to like anyway Democratic Party Secretary Ellie Schlein which says:

Tavares has issued a challenge, the government must accept it and prevent the provocation of the Stellantis CEO from failing. The hypothesis of Italian participation in Stellantis counterbalancing the French must be taken seriously.

Even trade unions intervened, concerned about claims of risk to two Italian factories. For example, Fiom-Cgil Secretary General Michel De Palma asked the Prime Minister to urgently hold a meeting with the CEO and trade unions to guarantee production and employment in the country.

Author: Filippo VendrameVIAVIAFONTE

Source: HD Motori


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