RC Auto, strong growth on the ministry table. Associations criticize February 15, 2024 18

Auto Liability Prices Continue to Rise go out. That is why yesterday the Rapid Alert Commission for Price Surveillance met and discussed the topic insurance increases. The meeting took place at the Italian Ministry of Business and Production. The meeting was attended by Minister Adolfo Urso and Price Surveillance Guarantor Benedetto Mineo, as well as representatives of insurance sector associations.

The purpose of the meeting was to study the issue in more depth. recent dynamics of MTPL costsThis compares with an average price increase of 7.3% in real terms between December 2023 and the same period in 2022, as recorded by IVASS. During the meeting, useful data and information were presented to assess possible solutions to help curb prices for compulsory motor insurance.


According to the ministry, there is reorganization program of the Italian insurance sector. The activities that will be decided upon will be included in this program, for which a number of measures have already been approved, such as:

  • Transposition of Directive 2021/2118 of the European Parliament and of the Council on compulsory motor liability insurance, which provides for certain changes to the Private Insurance Code and the Road Traffic Regulations;
  • Reform of the Unified Table of the Amount of Biological Damage to Macrolesions (which has been awaited for 18 years);
  • The obligation of insurance companies insuring the risk of catastrophic damage to pay an advance in the amount of 30% of the amount of damage to ensure the possibility of quickly resuming production activities and receiving compensation within a reasonable time, as provided for in the civil protection policy. ;
  • Obligation to take out insurance for those who took advantage of the seismic bonus.

Yesterday’s meeting was only the first of a series of meetings on this topic. Minister of Business and Production of Italy, Adolfo Ursopromises that further meetings will be held “until we continue to move in the right direction, including through discussion with all parties involved“.


She was very critical of the issue of rising insurance prices. Help which calls for radical reform of the sector that would allow for greater transparency and greater competition.

Positively assessing Minister Urso’s intention to begin work on reforming the sector, Assutenti presented his ideas. According to the association, it is necessary, among other things, to introduce a single motor liability insurance policy with a deductible, “portability” of policies on a par with what is already happening in the telephony sector, to go beyond direct compensation and to strengthen the role of experts so that the assessment of damage is correct and based on objective elements.

Assutenti is also asking for a 2% profit ceiling for insurance companies in the MTPL sector, where the policy is mandatory for users, given the complete tariff freedom granted to insurance companies.

Massimiliano Dona, PresidentNational Consumers Unionit’s about a disappointing first meeting.

An ordinary mouse was born. Strengthening oversight powers will be of no use unless it is followed by concrete action. If in some cities there is an abnormal increase in prices, according to the same data that emerged during today’s meeting, car insurance increases by 10.9% in Caltanissetta, by 10.4% in Rome and by 10.2% in Vercelli, then we need , so that the Commission, with the support of Ivass and Istat, analyzes the prices charged in these cities by each individual company and the reasons for these sky-high increases, in order to be able to report all anomalies to the Antimonopoly Directorate, asking the Directorate to check and find out whether in these cities In the provinces, there are collusive agreements, agreements that restrict competition or abuse a dominant position.

Also attended the meeting Federcarrosieri which speaks volumes about the complete lack of a shared vision for the automobile sector and the profound changes that are affecting the sector. President Davide Galli emphasizes that cars are becoming more complex and technologically advanced. This requires increasingly modern and expensive spare parts, which significantly affects repair costs and insurance company expenses.

That is why we asked Minister Urso today to create a kind of “medical record” for cars, which records all the interventions carried out on cars during their life, and also to avoid market distortions and multiple damages in case the insured decides to receive compensation after accident without repairing your car.

Criticism also comes from Kodacons which indicates a blow for consumers and outsiders iPadItalian Association of Damage Assessors, which emphasizes the fundamental role of appraisers and highlights the critical issues related to inappropriate practices in the insurance sector in assessing vehicle damage, starting with the increasingly common phenomenon of video or photographic appraisals.

Author: Filippo VendrameVIA

Source: HD Motori


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