Xpeng prepares to land in Italy in 2024 February 22, 2024 17

Shpeng is pursuing an ambitious global expansion plan. As for the Old Continent, the Chinese car manufacturer has already entered some markets where it has started selling its electric vehicles. During 2024Xpeng battery-powered models will also begin to be sold in other countries of the Old Continent. And in Italy when will we see your cars?

Apparently there will be very little patience left. In fact, the Chinese car manufacturer is scheduled to debut in our country in 2024. The news is contained in a press release in which Xpeng announces a cooperation agreement with Ali&Sons, a company that owns a number of dealerships in the United Arab Emirates, where the Chinese brand will begin selling its cars.

At the end of the press release, when Xpeng talks about its international expansion plans, it mentions visiting new European countries in 2024. Italy is also included in this mini-list.

At the same time, it plans to enter other European markets this year, including Germany, the UK, Italy and France.

After all, Europe has always been very important to the Chinese brand’s growth plans, and it’s no surprise that Xpeng wants to expand its presence. For its debut on the Italian market, all that remains is to wait for more information.


Just recently, the Chinese brand announced some interesting information about its future. By 2027, 30 new and updated models will be launched on the market. In addition, the company’s research and development budget will increase by more than 40% this year compared to the same period last year to help the automaker prepare for the challenges of the future.

The automaker also plans to hire 4,000 more people. New models based on the two platforms will also debut throughout the year, allowing the company to produce cars priced between 100,000 and 400,000 yuan (12,900–51,600 euros). Particular attention will also be paid to the development of autonomous driving technologies.

Author: Filippo Vendrame

Source: HD Motori


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